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meet the creators


PASTIFICIO! would not have been possible without Marco.  Knowing the challenges women entrepreneurs faced in the 1970s, Marco tirelessly supported his wife and daughter in making their dream a reality.  Doing everything from construction to making pasta, Marco has left his impactful mark on PASTIFICIO!  He even created his own sauce - aptly named "Marco's Sauce."  Try it today!  


Daughter of Elsa and Marco, Patricia is the co-founder of PASTIFCIO!  The shop is Patricia's true passion, as they have grown and blossomed together.  While she began her work with the shop in the front, serving customers, her passion for food quickly led to her running the kitchen along-side her mother. Over the years, Patricia has put forth an immense love for the shop and has continued its long-lasting legacy. Her hard work and dedication has made it what it is today. She is truly the heart and soul of PASTIFICIO!


In 1953, when Elsa left her native home in Modena, Italy, more specifically the small town of Fiumalbo, she brought her family's secrets of Northern Italian cuisine. When her two children, Patricia and Mark, were older, she was able to bring her dream of opening a pasta shop to fruition. A determined woman, Elsa wanted to bring her family's recipes into the homes of others.  Elsa is definitely the dreamer and  the mastermind of PASTIFICIO!

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