our famous lasagna

Our signature dish is our meat lasagne! Customers rave about the variety of lasagne we offer. Choose from our five options - all prepared for you to pop in your oven and serve on the dinner table!


Our traditional Bolognese recipe made with our béchamel sauce, exquisite pasta, special sauces, vegetables and parmigiano-reggiano cheese.


Our traditional pomarola sauce with our béchamel, pasta, vegetables and parmigiano-reggiano cheese.


Our light pasta sheets interlayed with béchamel, parmigiano-reggiano and our sauce prepared with white wine, imported porcini mushrooms, fresh garlic and parsley. 


Our pasta sheets layered with béchamel and a medley of sautéed fresh artichokes, asparagus and green peas. 


Our heavenly pasta sheets interlayed, with béchamel, emmental, aged prosciutto, and parmigiano-reggiano.

meat with pumpkin pasta (seasonal)

Prepared in the same manner as our traditional meat lasagna, but inter-layered with our pumpkin pasta.