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We have nice selection of cozy, savory soups that will warm the soul!


Loaded with garden fresh vegetables and simmered in its own broth, extra-virgin olive oil and herbs.

minestra di fagioli

A variety of beans simmered together for hours making a deliciously hearty soup.


A hearty soup made with onions, garlic, celery, herbs and lentils.

mushroom fedilini 

Fresh dried porcini mushrooms, diced celery and sautéed diced chicken breast simmered in our rich chicken broth. We then add our capelli d'angelo pasta.


Our veal tortellini added to our delicious chicken broth.

chicken noodle 

Our rich chicken broth loaded with the finest of capelli d'angelo pasta.

chicken broth

Cuts of chicken simmered with fresh vegetables and herbs. Fabulous with our tortellini or any of our pasta.

No-Salt Chicken Broth also available.

tomato florentine

A delicious soup that begins with caramelized onions and celery. We then add vine-ripened tomatoes and sautéed fresh spinach to a rich vegetable broth base and finish it off with orzo pasta.

matzoh ball

Delicious, handmade matzoh balls added to our rich homemade chicken broth.

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