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day 19 of quarantine.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020




We are where we are. We, here in Italy, are really struggling to stay motivated and positive. This week really hit our hearts hard. As we approach the third week, it is clear that this nightmare is just beginning. Even when we thought we were maybe seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the nightmare is just beginning. We know that we have all of April ahead. We know that this is not even close to being over. Though thankful we are in the safety of our houses away from the forefront of this war, our hearts cry more and more for those who are face-to-face with this vicious enemy. The losses. The doctors. The nurses. The families that have lost someone. The police officers. We are fearful. And, we are losing faith. But, we mustn’t.

Please watch this beautiful moment. Pope Francis delivered a special Urbi et Orbi from the steps of Basilica di San Pietro. This moment will forever be remembered in history. No matter what your religious beliefs may be, this message will ring true to all. Seeing the Pope standing in the empty square under the rain delivering a message on maintaining faith in a time of global fear will leave you at a loss of words.

Please take the time to listen to his message.

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