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Inside Pastificio's Kitchen

day 4 of quarantine.

10:15. Wake up. Get out of bed. Wash up. Put some comfy clothes on other than your pjs. Make the bed. Eat breakfast – specifically, toast with some pb & j and a lovely cup of coffee.

Catch up on the situation.

So far, I’m fine. Being in the house is not so bad. But, yet again, I am a person who doesn’t mind staying at home. It’s almost like a little vacation only you can’t go out hahah. Either way, as many Italians are putting it, it’s a time to use for all those things you never had time to do with your every day work schedule - cooking a nice meal, deep cleaning the house, playing games, karaoke-ing to some of your favorite tunes, reading, studying a subject you have always been interested in, checking off movies on your “must-see list”……

For me, it’s actually quite refreshing to think that people will most likely become so bored that they will find creative ways to pass time. It gives time for those to re-learn how to truly be in touch with your loved ones, find new ways of expression, and restore old-time activities. It’s the perfect time to take a break from our super social-media constructed world. It’s a perfect time to actually learn to enjoy the little things in this life. I only hope that everyone will take this as a wake-up call as to what life REALLY is. It is not our cell phones, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or text messaging chats with our friends - it is not being completely absorbed by our technological world. It’s about reestablishing communication - REAL communication - learning from BOOKS, laughing (or crying) with your family and friends, getting in touch with the culinary world, painting a picture, writing a story, dancing to music, meditating in silence… It’s about understanding what it really means to be alive and safe. It’s about waking up your creative mind!

I only hope that people will choose to take this ugly time and try to make it into something beautiful.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

- Confucius -

“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.”

- David Hume -

Aside from this, I wanted to share with you how refreshing it is to see Italians trying to come together to fight this monster. Here in Florence, so many local business are offering home deliveries or shopping online, such as “Creative People in Florence” is a website that promotes and supports the contemporary arts in Firenze. You can find so many local artists, artisans, and designers on this site!

One of my favorite discoveries is a small local bookstore, TODO MODO, that is offering home deliveries. You can order any of the latest books and/or wine. They will also send you some fresh bread made by a local panificio, Il Santo Bevitore’s “S.forno.”

Before the strict lockdown, a local flower shop filled their closing gates with flowers that they would not be able to sell before closing their shop. The owners left a message to all who may pass their shop - “Teniamoci compagnia…porta un fiore a casa,” which translates to “Let’s keep each other company, bring a flower home.”

Follow Them on Social Media @jardindivers

Something really amazing is that every day at 6 pm, the civic museums “portano I muse belle vostre case,” that is they are bringing the museums to your house! They will be sharing stories that are intertwined with the artistic heritage of the city of Firenze and its beauty.

There are many more local businesses that are putting in a helping hand to serve its community as best they can in a situation like this. Not only are they encouraging the locals to support the business of Firenze, but they are giving the people an opportunity to continue the “normalcy” of their day as best as they can.

The employees of “Alia Servizi Ambientali” are working hard every single day to disinfect the streets and squares of the city.

As for the supermarkets here in Firenze, going grocery shopping is not as scary as one might think. With patience and attention, one can calmly grab necessities. And yes, we still have a large supply of food - all supermarkets are still being continuously stocked with food; therefore, there is still no need to worry. Lines are out the door only because entrance is limited to respect social distancing requirements.

There is nothing more to say than a huge “GRAZIE INFINITE” to all those who are taking the risk to help our community get through this time!

Perhaps the thing I want to leave you with is this. This is a historical marker – for sure. However, I am choosing for it to be a reminder that in times of crisis, there is a way for people to come together. While it is easy to panic and blame and choose negativity, it is refreshing to see the brave people of Firenze choose to unify and support one another.

Let’s be appreciative and positive!

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