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Inside Pastificio's Kitchen

day 5 of quarantine.

Wake up. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Put some make-up on. Make the bed. Make some tea. Look out the window at all those who are NOT supposed to be lingering around outside.

Check for updates.

During my search, I was delighted to discover that one of my dear friends, Shannon, was invited to speak on a pop-up podcast discussing Coronavirus in Firenze. This podcast titled "CONVERSATIONS FROM QUARANTINE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19" was created by local Toni Mazzaglia from @tasteflorence.

The podcast records conversations with locals and experts around the world during this time of crisis. Her mission is to hopefully help others from all over the globe to better understand how to prepare and learn from the experiences of those living in Italy.

Shannon Fioravanti, my lovely friend and an American expat, along with her husband, Edoardo, are part-owners of two businesses in Firenze- Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina and Osteria dell'Enoteca.

The Enoteca, which is located right across from the beautiful Palazzo Pitti, has

an amazing selection of small production, high-end wines. Each wine they offer is hand selected according to their rigid standards, many of which are from unknown and/or family-owned wineries. To accompany their wines, they offer a small menu of traditional and modern Italian specialties.

The Osteria, located only a few blocks away, offers traditional Italian dishes and amazing bistecca alla Fiorentina! Whenever I am craving this amazing steak, I run there! Sooo good! And, to make it even better, you can choose which kind of steak you would like from a carefully selected menu.

Anyways, the episode on which Shannon was invited to speak discusses a little bit about her experience during this lockdown.

Listen to the episode here!

Shannon also talks a little bit about their wine club. It was created to suit the needs of their clients and friends throughout the globe and to offer access to their selection of extraordinary and limited production wines. As a member of The Wine Club, you will be granted access to the most exclusive shelves of their "Private Cantina," those wines hand selected and dearly guarded by the owners. The wines are delivered directly to your door. If you love wines and are interested in learning more about this great concept, check out their website or feel free to email directly at

For all those who may have some time, consider tuning into this podcast!!!

Okay - I'm off to start my new book! :)

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